Mason Holiday

Chicago area, American singer/songwriter Mason Holiday is a relative late bloomer in the music industry - already in his early thirties when he learned to play an instrument. His introspective fusion of folk and soul music shows a level of maturity well beyond his years of playing experience. Influenced by the likes of Bill Withers, Jack Johnson, Ray LaMontagne, and more, Holiday puts a modern twist on the classic sounds of the 50s, 60s, and 70s.

With a voice pitched “somewhere between Bill Withers and Jack Johnson”, Mason Holiday is quickly building up a name for himself in Chicago’s singer-songwriter scene.

Born in Decatur, Illinois, Mason’s roots were uprooted quickly, beginning his tumultuous upbringing. Having attended 12 schools from K-12, Mason never quite had the chance to form deep, childhood roots in one area, and often felt like the ‘perpetual new kid.’

Later in life, Mason started teaching himself to play piano and guitar, slowly building up the skills to perform live. Holiday penned his first original song in September 2017. Songwriting became a cathartic form of self-therapy. One song led to another, and within a year -- there were 35. 

Alongside producer Andrew Ecklund, Holiday started recording his first five-song EP in the summer of 2019.

He released his debut single, “Heaven”, on February 14th, 2020,  echoing nostalgia from the 1950s and 60s. The track spread quickly through social media, with over three hundred thousand plays in its first month online.

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